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Eberhard Faber, USA

ad type
publication date
full page two-sided magazine ad; Architectural Record
1954 April
see also Eberhard Faber Colorbrite 3110 leadholder
Eberhard Faber Microtomic 603 wood cased drafting pencil with eraser
Eberhard Faber Colorbrite 3100 drawing lead
Eberhard Faber, Architectual Record 1954 April Eberhard Faber, Architectual Record 1954 April
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Eberhard Faber, Architectual Record 1954 April
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A Quick Guide to Professional Excellence

the quality of your work starts with the quality of the materials you use...

Perfect for Sketching layouts or quick memos. The Ebony has an extra black, thick, lead, writes on any paper.

Ebony refill leads and special mechanical holders are also available.

Brilliant color that won's smear or run when wet... that's Colorbrite's claim to success. High visibility in any light. 26 colors. Sets of 12 and 24.

Print markers find use for No. 4006 set of 6 specially designed colors of Colorbrite pencils. Brilliant, exceptionally strong, easily pointed.

For writing, drawing and painting! The miraculous Mongol Colored Pencils. Thin, strong, indelible leads. Ideal for charts , maps and color visuals. 36 colors, plus sets of 12, 24 and 36.

Professionals who prefer an eraser tipped pencil of genuine drafting quality prefer Microtomic No. 603.

Everybody appreciates the transpatent beauty of Colorbrite Lead Holder No. 3110. Holds an extra-thin 5" long Colorbrite lead firmly without breaking. Color easier to spot.

Packed with brilliant color, these Colorbrite leads are extra-thin and extras-strong. Available in a wide range of colors; six 5" pointed leads in a box. Ask for No. 3100.