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A.W. Faber “Castell” Drawing Pencils

A.W. Faber, Newark, New Jersey, USA

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publication date
newspaper: "The Tech" (Massachusetts Institute of Technology student newspaper)
1908 April 18
see also A.W. Faber Castell Drawing Pencils
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A. W. Faber "Castell"
Drawing Pencils

Made of the purest graphite in 16 degrees of hardness, 6B to 8H, of the utmost delicacy of tone, permanency, durability and intensity of color.

made by A. W. Faber in Germany "Castell"

They take the finest point obtainable of any lead pencil, are least liable to wear, therefore more lasting than any others.

Sold by all stationers and dealers in artists' materials. Sample sent to all parties interested on receipt of 10 cents in postage stamps.

A. W. Faber, 51 Dickerson Street, Newark, New Jersey