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Bruno Bozzetto

Allegro non Troppo

art type
publication date
feature length motion picture
see also Gedess lead pointer
Bruno Bozzetto website (

Allegro non Troppo is an Italian film consisting of a series of animated shorts with live action segues between each cartoon. The animations are inspired by music à la Disney’s Fantasia but Allegro non Troppo at once parodies Disney’s earlier work and itself. At one point the MC fields a telephone call from “Hollywood” and explains afterward that the caller claimed someone named “Prisney” or “Grisney” has already produced such a film.

The action in this clip takes place just before the first cartoon. It shows the animator who is being forced onto stage to animate the music live as it is being performed. He sharpens his leadholder with a Gedess lead pointer which features prominently as a prop throughout several of the live action sequences.