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B.K. Elliot 1938 catalog

B.K. Elliott Company, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania & Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Courtesy Andrey Gordenco
publication date
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B.K. Elliot, 1938, page 257 Alteneder 500 Alteneder No. 527 Lead Repointer Alteneder 500Alteneder 502 Alteneder 501 Alteneder 527 Alteneder 502Alteneder 501

B.K. Elliot 1938
page 257

Draftsman's and Artist's Pencils


The grip and clamp are relatively grooved, assuring a firm grip when clamping the lead.

The grip is placed the correct distance from the end of the clamp to correctly fit the hand when drawing. It is grooved in two directions, affording a firm grip.

The lead repointer provides a conical point in a few seconds. Repointer blades are interchangeable and can conveniently be replaced when dull.

62571 Single Pointed Pencil, with Eraser

62572 Single Pointed Pencil, with Cap

62573 Double Pointed Pencil

62575 Lead Repointer

62576 Detachable Clip

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