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Esmond Hellerman Limited—Modern Drawing Equipment

Esmond Hellerman Ltd., Sunbury on Thames, UK

courtesy David Riches collection
publication date
United Kingdom
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Hellerman 1963-64 page 68
page 68

Clutch Pencils

Precision Draughtman's Leadholders (foreign)

5 20T 8mm body 5" long

7020T 9mm body 6" long

Supplied in two models—just press the button at the top of the holder to instantly project the lead: permitting a quick adjustment to any length: upon release of the button it automatically grips the lead firmly and securely to any desired position. Especially designed collet holds the lead firmly from slipping and will not shear or weaken lead.

'Coloured Cap' Red • Blue • Green • White • Yellow • Orange

Special Construction Features are:
Will hold any standard size drawing lead, colored plastic washers identify the degree of lead instantly. Non-rolling, perfect balance, featherweight barrel, made of hard rubber. Outstanding workmanship and quality material give the holders years of lasting service. Coil spring ejection for quick lead adjustment. Modern design in jet black finish with knurled nickeled furrows.

Spare Leads

M 20 Fedra Constant Graphite Drawing Leads
2 mms x 130 mms in 18 grades of hardness from 7B–9H in tubes containing 1 doz leads each.

M 21 Fedra Chromo Coloured Drawing Leads
2 mms x 100 mms in 26 colours in tubes containing 1 doz leads each.

New plastic self-ejecting tube convniently ejects one lead at a time. *Handy *Quick *Clean

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