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J.H. Weil & Co. Drawing Materials/Engineering Supplies, 12th Edition

J.H. Weil & Co., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

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J. H. Weil & Co.

[page 211]

Draftsman’s & Artist’s Pencil


While this pencil is designed primarily for the draftsman and artist, the long, sturdy lead afforded, and the ease with which it is gripped, make it an ideal pencil for writing

This pencil takes standard leads 5 inches in length, of diameters approximately .065 to .082 or 9H to B.  The lead is firmly held and guaranteed not to slip.


Barrel:  It is made of Snake-wood with natural finish.  The lead chamber extends the entire length, permitting the use of standard leads five inches in length.

Chuck:  This part is made of steel, hardened and tempered.  Three jaws provide straight clamping surface, preventing breakage of leads.

Clamp:  The clamp is knurled to provide a grip when clamping or releasing leads.  It is made of stainless steel.

Grip:  This part is grooved in two directions, affording a firm, easy grip and preventing the pencil from turning while in use.  It is made of stainless steel.

Eraser Ferrule:  The ferrule is made of stainless steel.  Pencils are also furnished with colored composition caps in place of the eraser ferrule.

No. 1985.  Single Pointed Pencil with detachable pocket clip.

No. 1987.  Double Pointed Pencil furnished with an Alteneder Needle Point in one end.

No. 1989.  Single Pointed Pencil with colored composition cap and detachable pocket clip.  (White, black, red, blue, or green.)

Extra clamps will be supplied upon request.

Refer to Price List at Back of Book

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