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Cumberland King's Own leadholder

Cumberland King's Own leadholder, reverse

King's Own

Cumberland Pencil Co. Ltd., Keswick, England

lead diameter
production date
2 mm
pushbutton spring clutch
wooden barrel, brass fittings
14 degree imprints: 6B–B, HB, F, H–6H
special features
see also
A friend from overseas recently sent me this beauty. It's the belle of the ball that is my pencil display with its scarlet gown and umm, high contrast graphics. OK, I ran out of metaphors, sue me (or is it similes? I just read the definition of both and still don't know. Sue me for that too).

The Cumberland Pencil Co. is now part of the Rexel/Derwent family of pencil makers. Cumberland (now Cumbria) is the English county in which graphite was first discoverd and mined in the sixteenth century, and according to the locals, also where pencils were invented. The Cumberland Pencil Co. traces its beginings to 1832. They are now known primarily for the Derwent brand of fine arts pencils. The Cumberland company seems to have a genuine aversion to mechanical pencils. This could very well be the only model of mechanical pencil they ever made.

Cumberland King's Own leadholder box
Three sides of an individual package for a Cumberland King's Own leadholder.

Cumberland King's Own carton of six
Display box of 6 Cumberland King's Own leadholders.