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Empor Laro 18-20
  courtesy Allan Macdonald collection

PGH Empor Laro 18-20

(PGH?, Empor?), (East Germany)

lead diameter
production date
1.8 to 2 mm
pushbutton spring clutch
wooden barrel, metal clutch, plastic pushbutton
colored pushbutton: black, blue, green, red, yellow
circa 1960
East Germany
see also Versorgungskontor Bürobedarf, 1962 “Schreibgerate” Catalog, p. 38

This is a beautiful pencil. Another Soviet Bloc pencil that is very nice is the Roland 818-20. The model numbers of the Laro and Roland is conspicuously similar.

The only information on this pencil I have is from the 1962 Versorgungskontor Bürobedarf catalog. In that catalog, on the price page, the pencil is referred under the heading PGH Empor Druckfallstifte. No idea who or what PGH is. An Empor logo appears on the image page of the catalog. Druckfallstifte just means drop-lead pencil—what I like to call a leadholder. There you have it. A bunch of words descibing what I don’t know.