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Hi, I am Dennis, the writer, curator, and grunt behind the Leadholder website.

I welcome any suggestions, questions, comments or requests.  I will respond to each communication personally and promptly eventually.  I enjoy very much hearing from others with interests in pencils or drafting equipment. Many who have contacted me have also submitted information and images included on this website.

Reach Dennis B. Smith via email:

Questions, queries, contributions, comments, and criticisms warmly accepted.

Dennis B. Smith
[address available on request]


Look here before emailing Dennis:

If you have a question about something of a kind that is not specifically shown on Leadholder, that is, is not a leadholder, drawing pencil, drawing lead, lead sharpener, catalog, or related item, chances are good I will be of little help.

If you are not sure if your question is related to this narrow band of materials, or you have searched the web and Leadholder is the only relevant result, then by all means email me.

Here are some helpful resources that cover topics related to material covered by Leadholder.

Bob Truby’s Brand Name PencilsLink Opens in New Window
An extensive display of all types of wooden pencils (except promotional or unmarked pencils) not just drawing pencils.

Yahoo Groups: Drawing InstrumentsLink Opens in New Window
A great place to learn more about the set of drawing tools given to you by your granddad.

Copyright-like notice:    

If you use the materials on Leadholder, be it text or images, you must credit Dennis B. Smith and Leadholder with the URL, as a link or written in full. 

The over arching design of Leadholder, the original images, and the layout of each page is copyright Dennis B. Smith. 

The copyright for the reproduced printed material such as advertisements, catalogs, and original art are held by someone else.  Ask Dennis if you need more information about sources.