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Pencil Collecting

Here are a few online resources for the collector. For a more extensive selection of pencil related links, visit the first link: The Pencil Pages. If you have a link you think should be added here, please let me know.


The Pencil PagesLink Opens in New Window
Doug Martin's longtime source for all things pencil related. Visit the links section of Doug’s site for a thorough list of pencil links from manufacturers to collector information. There is little information directly pertaining to leadholders, but it's a great resource for general pencil information.
  Bob Truby’s Brand Name PencilsLink Opens in New Window
A wonderfully designed website with an extensive display of wooden pencils.

Ordinary PencilLink Opens in New Window
Dmytryy Orzhekhovskyy’s site is available in Russian or English. He has some interesting pencils with Cyrillic characters, but no leadholders. (Dmytryy has sent me some kooky Russian Russian leadholders.)

Puntgaaf Pencil Sharpener ClubLink Opens in New Window
A Netherlander couple, Gerard and Marijke Prudon, curators of a super-extensive pencil sharpener collection operate this site which serves as a gateway to an incredible quantity of information regarding pencil sharpeners. Their collection includes lead pointers, images of which they have provided for my site.

StalpennorLink Opens in New Window
Hans Presto’s Steel Pen Nib Website. This site is not directly related to my thing and it’s primarily in Swedish, but it’s a nice site and Hans is a nice person.
  MoonWikiLink Opens in New Window
This is a Japanese Wiki style site that could potentially become the standard repository of all mechanical pencil knowledge in the universe. I wish I knew Japanese. I’ve spent many hours looking through the interesting entries. Presumably anyone can add to the database (that’s what makes it a Wiki). There are many pencils that I would love to get hold of to add to the Leadholder collection.


There really isn’t any technical difference between a Blog and a plain ol’ website, so some of the sites in the previous section could be placed here as well—and vice versa since all of the bloggers probably collect too.


  The Uncomfortable ChairLink Opens in New Window
A Japanese blog featuring all manner of mechanical pencils.
  Pencil TalkLink Opens in New Window
This is a wonderful blog and includes posts that qualify as pencil industry news.
  Paper and PencilsLink Opens in New Window
This is a great read for a blog about pencils. Really.
  Dave’s Mechanical PencilsLink Opens in New Window
This is a profoundly entertaining blog to hard-core pencil geeks such as myself. It’s also no doubt an amusing read for the casual observer. Dave actually reviews the pencils he features, taking them through their paces—albeit from a writer’s perspective rather than a draftsman’s. My favorite recurring feature is the “Lead Cup” in which various brands of thin leads are rigorously compared to determine a champion.
  Pencil RevolutionLink Opens in New Window
Another blogish affair with lofty goals and reviews of actual pencils etc.
  Pencils 11Link Opens in New Window
Jeremy Ledford’s Pentel- and Pilot-centric collection.
  LexikalikerLink Opens in New Window
A German pencil blog that makes me wish I could read German.


These are places to visit with a primary focus not directly related to pencils, but useful even so.

Yahoo Groups: Drawing InstrumentsLink Opens in New Window
This discussion forum was founded in May 2001 by Tom Stanton. It is a great place to ask questions and exchange information with other collectors. The atmosphere is relaxed and open and there are some very knowledgeable people lurking about.
Mathematical InstrumentsLink Opens in New Window
This site is maintained by David Riches, a U.K. collector of tools and slide rules and features selections from his extensive collection as well as useful reference information.
Vintage InstrumentsLink Opens in New Window
This site is maintained by Dick Rose and is primarily a place to buy Slide Rules and other engineering tools.
Early Office MuseumLink Opens in New Window
A fascinating collection of objects and articles.