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a reverse chronological history of Leadholder

Dennis B. Smith, curator

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2006 May 6 — 2006 May 28
Alvin 5022 box
Added an Alvin 5022 Constructor package and instructions to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Robert Rogers.

Lead Utilization
Added a short discussion on Lead Utilization in thick lead pencils.

Rotring 507
Added a boxed rotring 507 to the Thin Lead Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Dixon Eldorado
Added a box of Dixon's Eldorado Refill Leads to the Drawing Lead Gallery.

Baignol & Farjon blotter
Added a Baignol & Farjon blotter to the Ad Gallery.

A.W. Faber Castell display pencil
Added a very, very large wooden A.W. Faber display pencil to the Ad Gallery.

Koh-I-Noor 5611BK
Added a card mounted Koh-I-Noor “Drafting Assortment” to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.
The Lead and Lead Pointer databases have been put back online. They are now separate from the Leadholder Database. I haven’t yet updated the content of the Lead and Lead Pointer lists to accurately reflect the collections.

Eagle Turquoise 3377 box
Added a one dozen case of Eagle Turquoise Prestomatic 3377s to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Eagle Turquoise 3378
Eagle Turquoise 3378
Added two color capped Eagle Turquoise Prestomatic 3378s to the Drafting Non-Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Eagle Turquoise 3375
Added yet another variety of Eagle Turquoise 3375 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Alvin Tec-DA "De-Lux"
Added a barely presentable Alvin Tech-DA “De-Lux” to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Damascus 6500
Added a Damascus Sure-Grip 6500 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Paul Hunt.

Eberhard Faber Microtomic 617
Added an Eberhard Faber Microtomic 617 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Paul Hunt.
Rotring PS2
Added a rotring PS2 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Allan Macdonald.

Lyra 6316
Added a Lyra Orlow 6316 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Allan Macdonald.

Some of the leadholders that were previously in the thumbnail navigation of the Drafting Leadholder Gallery have been moved to the Non-Drafting Gallery. Notably 2 mm colored lead variants by Alvin, A.W. Faber, and Eberhard Faber.
Welcome to what the gang down in the marketing department has decided to call Hard Rubber Barrel Days here at the ol' Leadholder.

Fedra 7020
Added a Hard Rubber Barreled Fedra 7020 to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Allan Macdonald.

Alvin 5021 C
and a Hard Rubber Barreled Alvin 5021 C to the Non-Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

and three Hard Rubber Barreled Renta–Zeichners to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Allan Macdonald.

But, lucky you, that's not all. I also added: Not one. Not two. But– well okay – two packs of Renta lead to the Drawing Lead Gallery, courtesy Allan Macdonald.
Finished some major revisions to the navigation for the Non-Drafting Leadholder Gallery and the Drawing Lead Gallery in anticipation of greatly expanding those areas. They are now both organized according to manufacturer/brand as the Drafting Leadholder Gallery has always been.

Alvin 1971 catalog   Koh-I-Noor 1937 catalog
Alvin 1971   Koh-I-Noor 1937

Added a richly leadholdered 1971 Alvin catalog to the Catalog Gallery.

Updated the 1937 Koh-I-Noor Pencil Company catalog in the Catalog Gallery with some additional pages and it has been reformatted in the new catalog page style which includes short text descriptions of items on each page so web indexes like Google will find them.

It takes a very long time to put catalogs on this website. The pages need to be scanned, of course, then the images need to be straightened, cropped, and color adjustments made. Then they get output to a size that is legible on the web but not too big so as to cause unnecessary server strain and download time. Then thumbnail images of each page are created. Then a thumbnail index is made with links to each page. Then the individual HTML pages with the large images are put together. Then the navigation must be updated to link to the new catalog and this "What's New" page is updated. But that's all the easy part.

The really time consuming part is linking the catalog pages that contain items already in the Leadholder galleries to the corresponding page. Every catalog page is examined and imagemaps are made with hotspots linking to anything and everything relevant. As the Leadholder collection grows, the more items must be linked to. Then each page that is linked to, must be cross linked back to the catalog in the "See Also" part of each item's description.

I use Dreamweaver to develop Leadholder and it is one slow motherfucker. All this opening of HTML files and cross linking is very very agonizing within Dreamweaver. You'd think the fucker was rendering a Pixar movie the way it maxes out the CPU cycles just doing the dumbest shit. The Dreamweaver software engineers suck. Really, they do.

Sorry. I hope you find the catalog scans useful. They take a long time to put together.

TEC Drafting Lead Holder
Added an early example of a TEC Drafting Lead Holder to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Vemco TEC Drafting Lead Holder (flat head)
Added a "flat-head" variant of the Vemco TEC Drafting Lead Holder to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Paul Hunt.

W&N Tubular Drawing Pencil
Added an amazing set of Winsor & Newton Tubular Drawing Pencils to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery, courtesy Russel Erwin.

Added an Ecobra leadholder set to the Drafting Leadholder Gallery.

Leadapalooza (part I):

Faber Castell Color Faber Castell Copying Hardtmuth 2018
Dixon FTR Dixon FTR Faber Castell Filmar
Rollex Copying Lead
Rollex Colored Lead
Koh-I-Noor Color
Rexel-Rite 1.8 mm
Rexel 2 mm Colored Lead
Ecobra Hardtmuth 2600

What’s new

page 7

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