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Boston PTR 2

Hunt Manufacturing, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

lead size
production date
2 mm
desktop mounted milling cutter
plastic with steel cutter
see also US pat 3,952,784 "Pencil Pointer", 1975
This pointer is in some ways an evolution of the earlier Dahle 323. Like the Dahle, it has an elongated base with a turret placed nearer one end. Also like the Dahle, it uses a milling cutter mounted on the shaft around which the turret spins. Unlike the first generation of Dahle 323s, the remaining portion of the body is put to good use as a receptacle for a huge cleaning pad. Also unlike Dahle 323s of any vintage, this model has a clever system of built in leadholder guides, rather than the 323s collection of interchangeable guides which were easy to lose. In fairness to Dahle, after many years of production someone finally realized they could store the loose guides in the useless hollow end of the body.

One other important difference between the Dahle 323 and the Boston PTR 2 was that no one bought the Boston. I have no idea why, but these things were not around long and are quite scarce. I haven't used one for any length of time, but my first impression of the mechanics of this design was very favorable, and as for the styling: Vernor Panton, move over, this baby is Plastic Mod all the way.