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A.W. Faber Winner Techno-Tone obverse

A.W. Faber Winner Techno-Tone reverse

A.W. Faber “Winner” Techno-Tone Drawing Pencil

A.W. Faber-Castell Pencil Co., Newark , New Jersey, USA

A.W. Faber’s “Winner” Techno-Tone pencils were originally a line of colored pencils, but when WWII disrupted the supply the popular German A.W. Faber Castell line of drawing pencils, A.W. Faber in the U.S.A. introduced a graphite version of the “Winner” to replace the Castell.  After the war, the US “House of Faber” re-established business ties with the German parent company and Castell pencils were re-introduced into the USA.  This Post-WWII Castell advertisement celebrated its return as a U.S.-made pencil with imported German lead.

A.W. Faber Winner Techno-Tone box